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Jadeite Jade

From The Mayas To China

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Jadeite jade is an ornamental stone from the silicates family and the pyroxene group.
It should not be confused with nephrite jade, an amphibole.
The most common color is green, but you can also find purple, white, blue, red, orange or pink jade.

The most sought after and most expensive color is the so-called Imperial green, caused by the presence of chromium.
Even if the jade is not transparent, the purity of it is still assessed. Translucent jades without inclusions are the most expensive.

The historic jadeite deposits are found in Latin America. We can observe in museums Olmec, Aztec or Mayan masks made of Jadeite jade.
At the time, the stone was renowned for treating infections and kidney pain.

Jade is a sacred stone in Asia. The deposits are in Burma but are held by the Chinese who are the most important buyers. The stones are extracted, cut and sold on site.
Jadeite is a hard stone, so it will not be cut like a diamond or sapphire. Cabochon and rounded cuts are preferred.

In Asia jadeite bangles are very popular and can reach very large sums.
The jade necklace with platinum clasp set with rubies that belonged to Barbara Hutton was sold to the Cartier Collection in 2014 for $ 27.4 million.

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