Pierre Sterlé

The 1950’s Creativity


Having become an orphan at a young age, after the death of his father during the first world war, he was taken in by his uncle, jeweler at rue de Castiglione, in Paris.
It is at this time that his vocation was born and that he learned the profession of jeweler.
Thanks to the help of big houses such as Chaumet or Boucheron, Sterlé opened a first shop / workshop rue Saint-Anne in Paris.

In 1943, he moved his shop Avenue de l’Opera. This move allowed him to reach a more affluent clientele, accustomed to haute couture and social outings. Despite some jewelry created for big houses, the jeweler worked mainly for individuals and on unique orders.
His clients included Colette, Edwige Feuillère, Lise Delamare, Sydney Bechet …

Pierre Sterlé then knowed his heyday, which will last until the late 1950s. Three years in a row, 1957, 1958 and 1959, he received the DeBeers Diamond Award.
Known for its explosive character and renowned for never looking at manufacturing costs, Sterlé began to experience financial difficulties in the 1960s. This period of crisis is accentuated by the commercial failure of the two fragrances, Huit-Huit and 2 Diam, launched by the jeweler.

Despite a jewelery collection exhibited at the Biennale des Antiquaires in 1966, Sterlé had to liquidate his company and his stock was bought by Chaumet in 1976.
Pierre Sterlé will end his life as a technical consultant for Chaumet.


The Sterle style is quite recognizable. The jeweler has made many pieces with patterns reminiscent of nature. There are many brooches (jewelry very popular in the 1960s) and earrings representing birds, feathers or flowers.

Sterlé uses many fine colored stones, which can mix turquoises, amethysts, diamonds and yellow gold. The very precise technical mastery is characteristic of the work of Pierre Sterlé.

Surprising as it may seem, Pierre Sterlé has never drawn himself, but has always appealed to very good designers, which leaves us beautiful archives, now preserved by the house Chaumet and visible in the very beautiful book by Viviane Jutheau Sterlé Jeweler Paris, Vecteurs Editions.
Nowadays, he is considered as one of the greatest French jewelers of the 20th century.

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