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Mellerio or Meller

by Julie MIALET 30 Jan 2020

The Oldest French Jeweler

Mellerio or Meller is the oldest French jewelry house.
The Mellerio family immigrated to France in 1613.

Of Italian origin, the Mellerios were jewelers and did not pay taxes thanks to an agreement made with Marie de Medicis, a great admirer.
The legend, maintained by the family tells that the young Jean Baptiste Mellerio had set up his stall in front of the Palace of Versailles. Queen Marie Antoinette was seduced by his work.

The family then became the Queen’s official supplier.
It was not until 1796 that the company “Maison Mellerio” was officially declared and moved to rue Vivienne in Paris. The family obtained the French nationality in 1870.


The 19th century was very successful for the brand. The house became the official supplier of Napoleon Ist and the Empress Josephine. It was during this period that the workshops moved to 9 rue de la Paix, in Paris, near Place Vendôme.

The house was also the official supplier of Empress Eugenie and Princess Mathilde during the Second Empire.


Since 1956, Mellerio has been manufacturing the Ballon d’Or and in 1981, it created the Musketeers’ Cup, awarded to the winner of Roland Garros.

The house still belongs to the Mellerio family to this day.


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