Who is Julie Mialet, creator of Les Pierres de Julie ?

Antique dealer and Jeweller

Can you introduce yourself to us?

I grew up surrounded by antiques and paintings. Since 1999 I've been running an art gallery, La Tour Camoufle, at the Louvre des Antiquaires and then at the Village Suisse, specialising in furniture, objects and paintings from the eighteenth, nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Although our gallery, La Tour Camoufle, has always been best known for its classic eighteenth and nineteenth century furniture, we have evolved over the decades and developed our range of nineteenth and twentieth century European paintings and even contemporary art.


How did you get here?

After graduating from a hotel management school in Lyon (formerly Institut Paul Bocuse, now Institut Lyfe, Ecully), I decided to pursue my career in the luxury hotel sector in London and Edinburgh.

After four years as a restaurant manager, I decided to return to Paris.

Brought up as an antiques dealer, it was natural for me to take over the family business and I have been running La Tour Camoufle gallery since 1999.


And what about gemmology?

It was during a trip to Germany to Idar Oberstein, a town known since the Middle Ages for its many lapidaries, that I discovered the world of precious stones and gemmology. On my return, I enrolled at ING Paris and graduated in 2004. And so Les Pierres de Julie was born in 2005.

In a French market that is very traditional and used to four precious stones - diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires - I decided to offer jewellery lovers a rare and demanding selection of original gems and unique creations.

Thus was born Pierres de Julie, a jewellery design studio and appraisal specialist, in the exclusive setting of the Village Suisse in the 15th arrondissement, not far from the Eiffel Tower and the École Militaire.


Why the Village Suisse in Paris ?

Even when we still had our gallery at the Louvre des Antiquaires, we had a shop in the Village Suisse. We've been there for 40 years.

The clientele here is local, mainly from the 7th, 14th and 15th arrondissements of Paris.

We have a close relationship with our customers.

They're our neighbours, and some of them become our friends. We're very much in a 'village'...

After the closure of the Louvre des Antiquaires, Les Pierres de Julie moved permanently to our boutique in the Village Suisse in 2010.


How do you see the future of jewellery?

Over the last ten years or so, with the explosion of the internet, Les Pierres de Julie has gone digital thanks to its website lespierresdejulie.com. A more European and international clientele has enabled us to broaden our range to include vintage jewellery, antique jewellery and jewellery signed by the great houses of Place Vendôme.

Pierres de Julie is also committed to up-cycling, reusing gold and stones and customising old jewellery.

If you would like to reuse your stones and old jewellery or have them appraised, we can carry out quality appraisals in complete confidentiality. Don't hesitate to contact us for a free initial appraisal of your jewellery or precious stone.


What if I want a free jewellery appraisal in Paris, what is the procedure?

If you have inherited some jewellery from your grandmother, great aunt or a relative, and you would like to know its value, you can send us photos by email: contact@lespierresdejulie.com.

The free appraisal can only be carried out by appointment approved by us.

After our initial discussion and the appraisal we have submitted to you, you will have a choice :

- Either sell them with immediate payment.

- Or exchange them for a new item in the window of your choice.

You also have the possibility of transforming them to give them a new life and a more contemporary elegance, because Pierres de Julie is also a privileged place where creation and made-to-measure will allow you to revive some of your old jewels.

It's a great way to treat yourself to some jewellery while keeping your budget in check.


Thank you for this interview Julie.


Les Pierres de Julie

1 avenue Paul Déroulède 75015 Paris - France

Tel. 00 33 1 43 06 36 30

Email: contact@lespierresdejulie.com