In the heart of Paris, in the École Militaire district, Pierres de Julie specializes in fine stones, precious stones and vintage jewelry, whether in gold or platinum. We can appraise all your jewelry and stones, mounted or not, in the best conditions and with discretion. For the estimation of a jewel in Paris you just have to contact us at : +33 1 43 06 36 30 or by email to make an appointment. This first phone contact will allow you to learn about the quality of your jewel or your stones to be estimated.

Pierres de Julie is here to helps you for free of charge in the appraisal of your jewelry. Julie Mialet, a state-qualified gemologist, will carry out the appraisal and/or the purchase of your jewelry in the best conditions. It is also possible to go to the store by appointment at the address below:

Les Pierres de Julie, 1 avenue Paul Déroulède 75015 Paris - France


Why do you need to appraise your jewelry at Pierres de Julie?

You have found an old brooch, rings, necklaces, or bracelets set with stones or not and you would like to know their value For that, nothing could be easier, call Pierres de Julie. We will be able to give you the best advice and guide you in the steps to follow. We appraise all precious stones and gems, even the least known ones, provided they are cut:
diamonds; sapphires; rubies; emeralds; topaz; aquamarines; amethysts; tourmaline; spinel...


Rates of a jewelry expertise in Paris

The oral expertise of a fine and precious stone or a jewel is free of charge. We will not ask you for any fees or payment. The written expertise, which engages our responsibility, starts from 360,00 € TTC according to the number of jewels or stones and the complexity of the research.

At Pierres de Julie, we have at heart to build long-lasting and trusting relationships with our customers. We listen to each of you to understand your wishes as best as we possibly can. Moreover, we adapt ourselves to the needs of everyone by regularly proposing new offers and new good deals.


Which steps to follow?

In order to evaluate your jewels, you can send us pictures by email . Following this, we will propose you to make an appointment, the free expertise being done only on approved appointment of our part. After our first exchange and the expertise that we submit to you, you will be able to either sell your jewels, or exchange your gold (18 carats in all forms) or your damaged jewels against a new article in the window of your choice?

You also have the possibility of transforming them to give them a new life and a more contemporary elegance, because Pierres de Julie, it is also a privileged place where the creation and the made-to-measure will allow you to make revive some of your old jewels.

Your unique jewel will come to life thanks to the work of meticulous goldsmiths and will follow different steps: from the choice of the stone to the design, passing by the waxing, the casting, the setting, and the polishing!

Don't hesitate, don't let your old jewelry tarnish in the closet, wear it in a new way!

All the creations created by Les Pierres de Julie are made in a Parisian workshop and meet the high standards of Jewelry made in France

A beautiful way to offer yourself jewelry and to please yourself while controlling your budget.

Don't wait any longer, trust your expert gemmologist and contact us today.



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1 avenue Paul Déroulède 75015 Paris – France

Tél. / Fax 00 33 1 43 06 36 30


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