Pierres de Julie : For the love of beauty

Nourished by the potion of elegance, Julie Mialet began by studying exceptional gastronomy before embarking on a professional career in the luxury hotel industry in London.

Who is Julie?

Raised in Paris, in the heart of the City of Light, Julie Mialet fell into the pot of beauty at a very young age. Accustomed to following her father to the Louvre des Antiquaires in his store with its centuries-old and majestic furniture, gilded frames and marvelous paintings, the little girl she was at the time never stopped being in contact with aestheticism and refinement. Familiar with the Palais Royal and the Tuileries, she was thus imbued with the legendary Parisian chic.

Nourished by the potion of elegance, Julie Mialet began by studying exceptional gastronomy before embarking on a career in the luxury hotel industry in London.

One day, during a trip to Germany, she discovered the town of Idar Oberstein, the historical center of stone and gem cutting. It was a real revelation and the beginning of a passion for the art of jewelry to which she then decided to devote herself.

After graduating in 2004 from the National Institute of Gemology, Julie decided to offer jewelry lovers a rare and demanding selection of original gems and unique creations.

This is how Pierres de Julie was born, a creation workshop and jewelry expertise specialist, in the exclusive setting of the Swiss Village in the 15th arrondissement, not far from the Eiffel Tower and the École Militaire.

Sale of antique jewelry and original custom creations

Pierres de Julie combines distinction, finesse and audacity in the search for exceptional jewelry and stones as precious as they are rare. Pierres de Julie is a boutique jeweler located in the heart of Paris, a stone's throw from the esplanade des Invalides, and knows how to find the brand name jewel that will suit you.

Specialized in vintage jewelry, Pierres de Julie will help you make your choice. A ring for an engagement, a distinguished wedding band for a wedding, elegant earrings for a birthday, a refined bracelet, a luxury watch to give as a gift: you can trust Julie Mialet, an expert gemologist, always attentive to your desires and preferences.

Pierres de Julie is also a creative workshop and offers a unique experience to each client, whether it is an original creation, a reinterpretation of a family jewel or a signed creation.

Precious stones and unique gems

Julie Mialet also knows how to estimate the quality of a stone (certificate from the French Gemmological Laboratory as well as from GEMPARIS) or to make a contemporary version of an old or family jewel. The use of her expertise is the perfect way to choose a stone, to guarantee its quality and to imagine the case that will magnify it.

Pierres de Julie does not limit its selection to diamonds: the color of sapphire, the strength of ruby, the brilliance of emerald, the purity of aquamarine, the originality of tanzanite, tourmaline, morganite... When you enter the Pierres de Julie jewelry store in the 15th arrondissement of Paris, next to the Champ de Mars and the Quai Branly, you will discover a multitude of jewels that will not meet the eye of every hand!

Giving new life to old jewelry

Family jewels to be reinterpreted, precious stones to be mounted, birth necklaces to be imagined: each frame is made of precious materials, in solid gold or silver, in our Parisian workshop.

This guarantee of French savoir-faire is combined with the power of Julie Mialet's international network to find stones with a unique personality. Each colored stone, each gem, carries a power of seduction that the Pierres de Julie workshop knows how to skillfully stage.

A free estimate and quality advice

By entrusting your jewelry to Julie Mialet, you are assured of a certified expertise in complete discretion. A first estimate, entirely free of charge, will allow you to know the value of your precious stone.

Whether you wish to sell, transform or exchange your jewel, Julie will advise you on the different options available to you and accompany you in your approach.

Do not hesitate to call us for a telephone interview or to make an appointment for your expertise. You can also contact us by email, we will be delighted to receive you in our store to discuss with you.