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6 things you need to know before getting a free appraisal of your jewellery and stones in Paris

by Julie MIALET 15 Mar 2024

Why should I have my jewellery appraised at Les Pierres de Julie?

In the heart of Paris, in the Motte Picquet Grenelle and Champ de Mars districts, Pierres de Julie specialises in fine stones, precious stones, vintage jewellery and signed jewellery, whether in gold or platinum. Julie Mialet, a graduate of the Institut National de Gemmologie, appraises all your jewellery and stones, mounted or unmounted, in the best conditions and with discretion. There are two possible scenarios for your jewellery and stones:

  • Either you have inherited them or they were given to you as a gift and you do not know their value.
  • Or they were bought a long time ago and you would like to have them re-appraised.

An appraisal of your jewellery and stones will give you a clearer idea of their value and may enable you to request a certificate from your insurance company.

A free appraisal of your jewellery or stones will also enable you to set a price in the event of resale.

1 : Do I need to make an appointment for a jewellery appraisal at Pierres de Julie ?

For a free appraisal at Pierre de Julie in Paris, simply contact us on +33 1 43 06 36 30 or by email to make an appointment. This first telephone contact will allow you to inform us about the quality of your jewel or stones, the number of jewels and possibly the sending of photos. After this initial contact, we will contact you to arrange an appointment.

2: Following the appraisal, will you buy my jewellery and stones ?

Pierres de Julie is here to assist you with the free appraisal of your jewellery and stones and, if necessary, their purchase under the best possible conditions. The transaction is immediate and payment is instantaneous. We pay by cheque or bank transfer.

3 : Can I exchange my old jewellery for a piece I have seen on the Les Pierres de Julie website ?

After a free appraisal of your jewellery and stones, we will agree on a price and you will be free to choose a piece of jewellery of your choice corresponding to the amount agreed between us. This way, you can treat yourself to a beautiful ring, necklace or earrings without spending a penny, thanks to the proceeds from the sale of jewellery or stones that you no longer wear or that you have inherited and that you don't like.

4 : Do I have to pay for the expertise ?

There is no charge for an oral appraisal of a fine, precious stone or piece of jewellery. We will not ask you for any fees or payment. On the other hand, a written appraisal, for which we are responsible, starts at €360.00 including tax, depending on the number of jewels or stones and the complexity of the research.

5 : Can I transform my old jewellery and recycle it ?

After our initial exchange and appraisal of your old jewellery (often inherited and out of fashion), you also have the option of transforming them and give them a new life and a more contemporary elegance. Pierres de Julie is also a privileged place where design and made-to-measure will enable you to bring some of your old jewellery back to life. Your unique piece of jewellery will come to life thanks to the work of meticulous goldsmiths and will follow different stages: from the choice of stone to the design, including waxing, casting, setting and polishing ! Don't let your old jewellery fade away in a cupboard, wear it in a new way ! All the jewellery created by Les Pierres de Julie is made in a Parisian workshop and meets the exacting standards of Joaillerie Made in France. It's a great way to treat yourself to a piece of jewellery while keeping your budget in check. Don't wait any longer, put your trust in your expert gemmologist and contact us today

6 : Is it important to have your stones or pearls certified by a laboratory ?

The last 20 years have seen the massive arrival of synthetic or treated stones on the jewellery market. After an initial examination using a magnifying glass and refractometer, we may need to carry out a more detailed examination. This is carried out in a laboratory. It is often expensive, depending on the weight of the stone. Les pierres de Julie can take care of this step, which is often essential for a more accurate estimate of the sale price. Laboratory analysis is now essential for diamonds, rubies, emeralds, pearls, etc...


If you're interested in a valuation, don't hesitate to get in touch. You can send an e-mail with your photos to

Whether you're interested in buying a piece of jewellery or a stone, a free jewelry appraisal or jewelry resale, Pierres de Julie welcomes you to its Parisian boutique in the Village Suisse, a stone's throw from the Ecole Militaire and the Esplanade des Invalides.

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