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The birthstones : Which stone corresponds to your zodiac sign?

by Julie MIALET 21 Feb 2023

Just like the horoscope and the 12 astrological signs, stones are also involved in popular beliefs. Each month of the year is indeed associated with a gem, which itself will be associated with virtues and symbols.

Man has always used stones for their aesthetic aspects or for their spiritual or magical properties. If the beliefs are different according to the times and cultures, we have long associated the 12 months of the year to 12 different stones. This tradition could come from the texts of the Old and New Testaments where an analogy is made between the 12 gems quoted in the sacred texts and their correspondences with the months of the year.
Indeed, if the birthstone's tradition is thousands of years old, a more updated list was written in 1912 by the American Gem Society! Later modified in 2016 to remain more modern.
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Let's start with January,
The associated stone is garnet. Despite its many colors that symbolize harmony, it is the red garnet (almandine) that is used to describe this month. Love, serenity and strength, the three words linked to this gem!
In February, it is the amethyst that takes over! In the legends, it would link the human to the divine. It is the stone that keeps drunkenness away.
It would be synonymous with positive energy and would help to fall asleep by chasing away bad dreams. It would promote determination, balance and fulfillment.
Let's continue with the month of March, which is associated with aquamarine.
The word aquamarine is a combination of two words, aqua meaning water and marine, meaning the sea. It is said to symbolize elegance and delicacy, it also embodies fidelity and a happy married life. It is associated with love, a better future and good health.
For April, it is the diamond!
The most prestigious stone in the world and at the same time the symbol of eternal love, purity and solidity. In Greek, diamond means indomitable strength. A symbol of perfection, it enhances the most important moments of your history. The diamond gives you strength and wisdom, no matter what.
In May, green rhymes with spring thanks to emerald.
Cleopatra personally preferred this stone since it brings eternal youth according to the belief of the time. It symbolizes health, fertility and fidelity.
The month of June is special, it is not a stone but, just as precious, it is the pearl that represents it!
In ancient times, pearls were called Aphrodite's tears, after the goddess of love. It is also associated with Venus, sensuality, and perfect beauty.
In July, to symbolize the heat of summer, the birthstone is the ruby.
Meaning passion, love, loyalty and courage, the gem is one of the 4 precious ones.
August comes next with the peridot!
The gem is said to have balancing properties and to bring calm, joy and inner peace to those who wear it. It is known as the stone of young lovebirds and thunderbolts because Cupid's arrows were cut from peridot.
For September, a precious stone again, this month being associated with sapphire.
Famous for its deep blue color, the sapphire can also be yellow, green, orange ... Symbol of truth and fidelity, it would have the particularity to protect from evil spirits, which made it once, a very popular talisman for travelers.
The month of October matches with tourmaline.
Like garnet, tourmaline has a wide range of colors.
A symbol of immortality in ancient Greece, the gem evokes peace. It is said to increase self-confidence and help concentration. It soothes emotions and protects over-anxious minds.
Let's move on to November whose birthstone is citrine.
Prosperity, glory and concentration are the watchwords for this gem. In ancient times it was considered the merchant’s stone.
It is said to bring joy and to transform negative waves into positive ones.
For the last month of the year, not one, but two gems will depict it!
Indeed, December goes with blue topaz and, recently, with tanzanite.
Blue topaz is considered a holy stone, being one of the twelve stones that allowed the construction of Jerusalem. It represents loyalty and guarantees eternal friendship. Moreover, it would be a symbol of serenity and would ward off bad luck!
On the other side, Tanzanite is known for its rarity. The Maasai people used to offer it to their newborns to bring them luck. There is currently only one deposit: in Tanzania.

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