The Padparadscha Sapphire : A sunset on the Indian Ocean

This variety of pink-orange sapphire gets its name from the Sinhalese padam radshen "lotus flower" which was the first expression to describe the color of this very special sapphire. Indeed the shade oscillates between a pink and an orange sapphire, ranging from light to dark. Traditionally it is defined as similar to a sunset.

This rare stone was widely discovered by the general public in January 2018 when Eugenie of York received for her engagement ring a magnificent pompadour centered with a padparadscha sapphire surrounded by diamonds. As you will have understood, this exceptional stone can reach crazy prices when it meets the four primary criteria of color, cut, clarity and weight.

During its "Magnificent Jewels & The Pink Promise" sale, Chrisitie's presented a white gold ring set with an exceptional 28.04 carat padparadscha sapphire that sold for $2,472,000, or about $88,000 per carat, setting a record for a sapphire of this color. Of course there are lesser weight padparadscha sapphires whose prices remain more affordable.

Chaumet for its iconic Josephine collection created a ring with a padparadscha sapphire cushion on a diamond pavement.

Chaumet Joséphine ring

Gübelin Geneva also used padparadscha in its "SPLENDID FEATHER" collection.

Gübelin Splendid Feather Ring

Padparadscha sapphire was originally mined in Sri Lanka but in recent years new deposits have been discovered in Vietnam, Madagascar and Tanzania. Purists will say that only the gem extracted from Ceylon can be called "padparadscha". We will leave this debate without judgment, but let us also point out that the most sought-after padparadscha sapphires are the unheated ones. Remember that an unheated stone is a stone that has not undergone heat treatment by the hand of man. From Africa or Sri Lanka, the most important criterion remains that a beautiful color and a beautiful purity must be met.

Never forget that the purchase of a stone or a gem is something very personal and that it must above all give you an emotion. Since padparadscha sapphires are more expensive than other varieties of sapphires, it is advisable to require a laboratory certificate. However, multiple laboratories around the world have different standards when it comes to deciding whether a sapphire qualifies as "padparadscha" or not. Some labs are very strict and others may be more lenient, qualifying Sapphires from Africa as "padparadscha".

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