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Omega : The 007 of watches

by Julie MIALET 03 Dec 2022

The Omega brand appeared in 1848 under the name of Louis Brandt, its Swiss-born creator. It offered watches of great quality and precision for their time. After his death, his sons Louis Paul and César Brandt renamed the brand Louis Brandt and Fils in 1879. 

The brand's final name became Omega in 1894 following the launch of their eponymous creation: a 19-line calibre using revolutionary methods that totally changed the standards of watchmaking at the end of the 19th century. Indeed, all parts became interchangeable and could be replaced in any workshop in the world.

Omega having thus acquired its letters of nobility, this company remains today a real reference in the world of watchmaking and its 19-line calibre still represents a third of the company's production. 


Omega's calibre 19.


In 1925 Omega presented a selection of "Art Deco" watches and was awarded the Grand Prix at the Paris Exhibition of Decorative and Industrial Arts. Their "revolutionary" design attracted a more international clientele.

Ladies' watch Omega Art Deco 1932 Platinum
One of the Art Deco models that Les Pierres de Julie offers.


In 1931 at the Geneva Observatory competition, Omega was particularly rewarded for its chronometer, which won all six tests in the precision competition. That same year, the pioneering brand developed the prototype of the first automatic movement.

A year later, at the 1932 Olympic Games, Omega was selected to time the entire games, a tradition that continues to this day.

1946 saw the launch of the first "Tubogas" watch in rose gold on the French market. 



In the 1960s/1970s, Omega produced beautiful women's De Ville watches in yellow or white gold with or without diamonds.

Omega "De Ville" Watch with Brilliant Diamonds 18 Carat White Gold
One of our Omega watches.


The brand's flagship models: 

Created in 1948, the Seamaster, a true icon with exceptional precision and water-resistance designed to "resist all challenges"! It was one of the first watches to be water-resistant. 



The model is constantly reinvented and evolves towards even greater resistance and water resistance.

The Constellation model was launched in 1952 and quickly became known as "the Swiss watch" and one of the brand's flagship models. 




In 1955, the brand launched the first automatic wristwatch for women: the Ladymatic!



A former Ladymatic


Ladymatic today


In 1957, the brand created its "Professional" range, which consisted of three watches: the Railmaster; the Seamaster 300 and the Speedmaster. These watches were created with the aim of becoming icons of the brand and of watchmaking.

From left to right...

The Speedmaster has become the watch of NASA astronauts, it's even called the "Moonwatch". 

The Seamaster 300 was made to accompany and guide divers in their underwater discoveries and the Railmaster was the first Omega watch made for consumers, today it's a symbol of precision. 

In 1967, Omega changed the name Seamaster to "De Ville", which became a family of watches, still very successful today. 


The first De Ville models
De Ville watches today


Finally, we can't talk about Omega without mentioning James Bond! 

Indeed, since 1995 James Bond has been wearing an Omega Seamaster on the big screen. Limited editions have even been created to pay tribute to him with unique colours and textures!  


Commander’s watch
Co Axial Master Chronometer watch, worn in No Time to Die


If you are interested in Omega Watches, do not hesitate to discover what Les Pierres de Julie has to offer in store...

We are also available for any free expertise of your jewelry, for that you can send an email with your photos to

Whether you're interested in buying a piece of jewellery or a stone, a free jewelry appraisal or jewelry resale, Pierres de Julie welcomes you to its Parisian boutique in the Village Suisse, a stone's throw from the Ecole Militaire and the Esplanade des Invalides.

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