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Hermès Jewelry

by Julie MIALET 16 May 2022

When luxury gets into the saddle

Maison Hermès, founded in 1837 by Thierry Hermès in Paris, is one of the greatest luxury houses. In 1880, the brand moved to its now iconic address at 24 Faubourg Saint Honoré, under the direction of Charles Émile Hermès, son of Thierry Hermès.

In 1951, Robert Dumas took over the company and was responsible for the great success of the house. We can mention the first silk square, the future Kelly bag (which he will create in 1966 for the princess of Monaco) or the “Chaine d’encre” Bracelet that he will design.

The company did not unveil its first jewelry pieces until 1927, mainly in silver and leather, almost a century after its creation. They are inspired by equestrian codes such as the saddle net, the stirrup and the bit, which remind us of the history of Hermès and its style.

In 2001, Pierre Hardy was appointed Artistic Director of the House, and his arrival allowed the development of a new vocabulary that played on the House’s codes. Indeed, he will shake up the codes of jewelry, give a new air to the forms of jewelry and a contemporary energy. In 2010, the Haute Bijouterie collection appears. The “Whip and Centaur” collection plays with pink gold and platinum, combined with black jade, pink quartz and aventurine (fine stones never before seen in the history of the company).

In 2012, Pierre Hardy unveils a second collection of Haute Bijouterie, including gold jewelry bags set with diamonds or interpretations of the jewelry icons Nausicaa and Chaine d’encre.

Since then, Pierre Hardy has revisited the mythical shapes of the House to create singular jewelry.

A jewelry bag


The star of Hermès jewelry: the anchor chain bracelet

You must know it, the anchor chain bracelet has now become a timeless! It was designed by Robert Dumas, Thierry Hermès’ son-in-law.

In the 1960s, it was one of the most popular pieces of jewelry thanks to the sumptuous goldsmith’s skills and the various variations of the Georges Lenfant House. This collaboration is still making very good prices in the auctions nowadays.

Hermès bracelet “Chaîne d’ancre” by Georges Lenfant


It is a signature piece of jewelry of the House and one of the most sold products in the world. The anchor chain design is now available as necklaces, long necklaces or rings, in both gold and silver.

Other models have also become timeless, such as the H click bracelet, the escaped collection with the escaped ring, the collection “Collier de chien”, the ring “Osmose”, the Amazon collection.


The bracelet click H 


Escaped Hermes ring

Dog collar bracelet



The Lignes Sensibles jewelry collection, which appeared in 2021, breaks away from the House’s vocabulary. Indeed, we find large cabochons of prehnites, watery and opalescent, punctuating the free lines of a necklace between sapphires and tourmalines. Sometimes it is a closed setting that highlights the personality of each stone in an earring: diamond, tourmaline, smoky quartz, topaz… It can also be a diamond pavement that accentuates the roundness of a white quartz on a brooch.

The particularity of this collection is to be suggestive so that its forms, its volumes and its architecture open the imagination, and thus give free rein to the imagination.

These 45 pieces mix geometric shapes, circuits and lines, drops and entanglements, leaving room for a sublimation of the body and a delicate sensuality. Through these different pieces, it is the skin that guides the jewel, not the other way around. Dominated by rose gold that blends with the skin, the stones and metals melt into the skin in harmony.

This jewelry is in harmony with the rest of the collection that Pierre Hardy has defined through 5 different ranges: “À l’écoute”, “Ondes miroirs”, “Hermès Réseau lumière”, “Contre la peau” and “Hermès Faire Corps”.

Each of these five lines has its own universe with a particular identity in its own way

Sapphire and citrine jewel which, between ring and bracelet, is slipped on like a glove along a diamond chain.


”Al’écoute” ring

Through the “Ondes miroirs” range, we find jewels composed of light brown diamonds that dress the neck and stud the hands and chest, remaining in the codes of the house Hermès. A set presided over by a surprising officer’s collar, which provides allure and flexibility.

Of sapphires or diamonds, the Hermès “Réseau lumière” necklaces carry us away with their surrealist refinement, the brooches and hand jewelry are made of diamonds.

“Hermes Faire Corps” mixes strength and delicacy, with articulated pieces that blend quartz cabochons, brown diamonds and satin gold. Cuffs and rings are offered.

Hermès is also known and recognized for its watch designs! It was in the 1920s that the luxury house turned to the watchmaking sector.

Indeed, one cannot mention Hermès without mentioning the famous Cape Cod watch created by Henri d’Origny in 1991.

Since its creation, the watch has never stopped reinventing itself and has become a timeless piece.

The first major change came in 1998 with Martin Margiela, artistic director of the women’s ready-to-wear line of the House, who created the famous double turn bracelet.

Cap Cod watch with double tour bracelet


Medor watch

The Medor Hermès watch was created in 1993 and has been a great success all over the world. Its name refers to the inspiration that comes from dog collars with metal spikes that top the bracelet.


Kelly watch

This watch, created in 1975, has become a great classic of Hermès watchmaking. It is based on the codes of the Kelly bag, which contributed to the glory of Hermès.


Nantucket watch

The Nantucket is renewed today with an anchor chain bracelet that takes up the codes of the house.


Arceau Hermès watch.

This model was created in 1978, designed by Henri d’Origny in Paris.


Hermès Galop Watch

Created in 2019, the Galop d’Hermès watch revisits the house’s equestrian codes with its stirrup-inspired dial.


Apple Watch Hermès

Released in 2015, the Apple Watch Hermès is a mix of technology and old with the codes of the house Hermès.

This collection offers leather straps, with the single turn, cuff and double turn, while respecting the design and functionality of the classic Apple Watch.


Hour H watch

The Heure H series created in 1997 by Philippe Mouquet is distinguished by its H-shaped attachments.


Clipper watch

The Clipper watch by Hermès was born in the 1980s and has become a flagship model for the House.


Sellier watch created in 1987 for the anniversary of the House.

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