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Discover Kunzite : the pink in all the nuances

by Julie MIALET 13 May 2022

From an almost colorless pale pink to a bright lilac, kunzite : surprise and flash !

Discovery and nomenclature


It was discovered in 1902 by George Frederick Kunz, in California. Passionate about minerals from an early age, his knowledge quickly earned him a position as "gemstone expert" in the famous jewelry house Tiffany & Co., of which he became vice-president at the age of 23.


Rough kunzites


Confused for a short time with tourmaline, it is through the self-taught gemological knowledge of Mr. Kunz that the difference will be made. Thus in 1903, Professor Charles Baskerville paid tribute to the discoverer by calling it Kunzite.

Nowadays, the kunzite is more confused for a morganite.


Chemical composition

Belonging to the spodumene family, kunzite is an aluminum and lithium inosilicate colored by manganese.
Because of the arrangement of its atoms, kunzite is very sensitive to heat and light, therefore, its color is unstable when the gem is repeatedly exposed to the sun.
When its manganese composition is very high, it has a bright lilac color and is called “Patroke kunzite” after the Patroke mine in Kunar Valley, Afghanistan, where this hue has been most commonly found.

Rough Kunzite

Colorless Kunzite
Soft Pink Kunzite

Kunzite called « Patroke's Kunzite »

Kunzite is found in various parts of the world, but the major deposits are in Afghanistan, Brazil, Madagascar and Pakistan; however, a few quality specimens of this gemstone do come from the deposits in California, where it was first seen.

Gübelin’s brooch in white gold set with diamonds and kunzite

Its virtues

Because of its generally soft pink color, have attributed to it in lithotherapy, a link with the heart chakra, which represents the fears of life. It would thus act on the chronic stress, the attacks of panics, the burn-out as well as the nightmares. It would also be used to reduce addictions and help control emotions.

Tiffany kunzite necklace by Paloma Picasso, on display at the Natural History Museum of the Smithonian Institute of America, Washington.


Kunzite in jewelry

Because of its recent discovery, it did not have a jewelry history until the 20th century. Since then it has been little used by European fine jewelry brands. But there is one brand that honors it in many creations: the American brand Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany & Co. white gold, diamond and pear cut kunzite earrings


White gold brooch set with diamonds and an emerald cut kunzite


Probably due to the important role of George Frederick Kunz within this great House of 5th Avenue in New York, kunzite has become one of the signature gems of Tiffany & Co. Whether as a brooch, ring or necklace, Kunzite is often featured in sumptuous jewelry.

Platinum ring set with an impressive kunzite of 25.29 cts and diamonds, signed Tiffany & Co.

Brooches from the famous “Birds on the Rock” collection by Tiffany & Co. in yellow gold set with diamonds and kunzites. The one on the left is a baby pink while the one on the right is a kunzite called “Patroke”.


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