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Marchak: The Slavic Soul, The Spirit Of Paris

by Julie MIALET 12 May 2022

Joseph Marchak was born in 1854 in a working-class neighborhood of Kiev, Ukraine.

At the age of 10, Joseph Marchak sold his own clothes to finance his training as an apprentice jeweler.

In 1878 he started his profession as a jeweler in Kiev, first as a simple chain maker. Then he opened a small store in his home district, with the money from his own wife’s dowry. In only one year he will build a complete house on Kreshchatyk, the equivalent of the Champs Elysées.


Some gouaches of his exceptional jewelry


Thus, in a little more than twenty years he becomes one of the most recognized jewelers of the Russian Empire and supplier of Tsar Nicholas II and of the great dynasties such as the Romanov family.

His fame will even earn him the name of “Cartier of Kiev” and is presented as the main competitor of Fabergé. He then became the most prized and famous jeweler in Russia. He also established himself internationally, seducing French and American women and even the crowned heads of the world such as the King of Morocco Hassan II.

He also won prizes: he won a medal at the World’s Fair in Chicago in 1893 and one in Angers in 1894.

La Carpe Koï, onyx, coral, mother-of-pearl, black enamel, jade and diamond clock, mechanical movement signed Vacheron Constantin and mother-of-pearl dial, signed Marchak.

At the beginning of the First World War, the Marchak family left Russia and moved to Paris to settle in the rue de la Paix.

Following the death of Joseph Marchak in 1920, his son Alexandre took over the reins of the company. He completely renewed the house with modern pieces, inspired by Art Deco while preserving the Russian soul. Alexander was one of the first to create cocktail rings. His colorful and extravagant creations earned him a prize at the 1925 Art Deco exhibition.

Cocktail ring by Marchak set with turquoises, diamonds, platinum and yellow gold

Cocktail ring by Marchak set with turquoises, diamonds, platinum and yellow gold

His jewels are inspired by fauna and flora and will become a signature of the house.

Little Sparrow Brooch by Marchak

Even after the death of his father, Alexander Marchak continued to follow the Russian tradition. He continues to supply his major clients such as the King of Morocco, Hassan II.

Like this jewelry holder made by Marchak for Hassan II to offer to Madame De Gaulle during her official visit to Paris in 1963.

King Hassan II ‘s gift for Madame De Gaulle’s birthday, made by Marchak


Since 2020, Dominique de Blanchard is at the head of the house.

Marchak creations are often unique or limited to only 5 pieces, each in different colors and materials. Marchak reinvents its classics and themes while preserving its Russian roots.

In addition to the emblematic gems of the House such as turquoise, sapphire, ruby or diamond, new stones and materials are used such as Australian opal, titanium, glass or mink that will bring modernity to the jewelry collections.


Marchak’s bird set with autralian opals

Marchak’s Fish earrings

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