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The Chrysoprase

by Julie MIALET 20 Nov 2021

Its name comes from the Greek "Chrysos" which means golden and "prason" which means leek, in reference to its green color.

Chrysoprase, also called Stone of Venus because in antiquity it represented the goddess of divine love, the famous Venus, is a magnificent apple-green nickeliferous chalcedony belonging to the family of microcrystalline quartz.

Dioptase brute


Its color comes from the micro-inclusions of nickel it contains and which gives it this beautiful apple green color (more rarely dark green).


In antiquity, chrysoprase was a very popular and well-known stone.

Egyptians, Greeks and Romans used it a lot.

Thus, during archaeological excavations, a large number of jewels, decorative objects and chrysoprase seals have been found.


It is said that Alexander the Great wore this stone embedded in his belt. Frederick II of Prussia used it to adorn certain jewelry and to decorate his palace.


18th century chrysoprase adornment


Chrysoprase is the rarest of the chalcedony stones. Its undeniable beauty explains its continued popularity and its use over the years in jewelry!

In the Middle Ages, it was said of chrysoprase that it could relieve certain ailments such as gout and that it could also protect against poisons.

With a good hardness, 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs scale, it is mainly extracted in South Africa, Australia, the United States, India, Madagascar and Russia.


Cabochons de chrysoprase


The most sought-after stones are translucent and "apple" green in color, very shiny and with a beautiful luster (reflection).

The color should be evenly distributed.

Ring and Bracelet signed Boucheron in yellow gold, ivory and chrysoprase


Regarding its cut, this gem lends itself especially to cabochon cut.

Chrysoprase and ruby necklace, yellow gold by René Kern


In lithotherapy, it is recognized as having great virtues in terms of compassion and gentleness. Indeed, many agree that it helps to soothe anger, reduce negative feelings such as jealousy, or even the negative feelings or injustice that we carry within us.

Fred ring with chrysoprase sugar loaf cabochon

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