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The Amethyst

by Julie MIALET 17 Feb 2024

The Drunkenness Of Violet…

Amethyst is a quartz (silica) ranging from parma to dark purple. Its color is due to iron.
When heated to around 400°C, its color changes to yellow.

This is why we find Ametrines, a stone that is both purple and yellow.

Cut Bolivian Ametrine


The word comes from the ancient Greek a-methoustos which is the negation of “to be drunk”. The Greeks thought that its color was close to that of red wine cut with water.
The Romans drank their wine in amethyst cups to avoid drunkenness.
Nowadays, it is considered by Catholics as the religious stone par excellence, which is why it could be observed on the episcopal rings of bishops until the beginning of the 21st century. Their dresses are still purple today.

Episcopal ring, yellow gold and amethyst.


The massive exploitation of amethyst only began in the 20th century. Once considered very rare, it is now much more common.
Amethyst crystals are found in geodes, among basalt rocks several meters deep.
The main deposits are in Latin America (Brazil, Uruguay, Mexico) and Madagascar.

Historically, however, amethyst has been mined throughout Europe.

amethyst geode 


There are several jewels of large houses adorned with amethyst.

White gold ring, diamonds, amethyst, Poiray 

Rose Dior Pré Catelan Ring, rose gold, amethyst, diamond, Dior 

Brooch, yellow gold, diamonds, emeralds, amethyst, Harry Winston 

Amethyst necklace, yellow, green and rose gold, Mellerio


Finally, according to the calendar, amethyst is the birthstone of February.


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