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The Amethyst

by Julie MIALET 17 Feb 2024

The Drunkenness Of Violet…

Amethyst, a gemstone of the quartz (slice) family, is famous for its reflections, ranging from parma to deep violet; this hue is due to the iron. When heated to around 400°C, its color changes to yellow. This is why we find Ametrine, a stone that is both purple and yellow.

Prized both in jewelry and lithotherapy, this gem offers a rich spectrum of historical significance, healing and aesthetic properties. 

ametrine taillee

Cut Bolivian Ametrine


Origin and meaning of amethyst

The word comes from the ancient Greek a-methoustos, the negation of “to be drunk”. The Greeks thought its color was similar to that of red wine cut with water.

The Romans, meanwhile, drank their wine from amethyst goblets to prevent drunkenness. This name refers to an ancient belief that the stone protected its wearer from drunkenness. In these ancient cultures, amethyst was used as a talisman against alcoholism, and the stone was thought to promote clarity and sobriety.
It is also often associated with spirituality and the elevation of the spirit, as it is said to aid meditation and strengthen intuition.

Today, it is considered by Catholics to be the religious stone par excellence, which is why it could be seen on bishops' episcopal rings until the early 21st century. Their robes are still purple today.

anneau episcopal en amethyste

Episcopal ring, yellow gold and amethyst.


Characteristics of amethyst

Amethyst is distinguished by its violet color. With a hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale, it is sufficiently resistant for jewelry, yet sensitive to discoloration under prolonged exposure to direct light or heat.

Massive mining of amethyst only began in the 20th century. Once considered very rare, it is now much more common.
Amethyst crystals are found in geodes among basaltic rocks at depths of several meters.
The main deposits are in Latin America (Brazil, Uruguay, Mexico) and Madagascar.

Historically, however, amethyst has been mined throughout Europe.

geode d'amethyste

amethyst geode 


Shades of amethyst

Amethyst's hue is mainly due to irradiation and the presence of iron in the crystalline structure, giving rise to a spectrum of colors from yellow to deep violet. Rare varieties such as green amethyst or the highly prized pink amethyst are particularly sought-after by collectors and gem lovers for their beauty and exceptional character.

bague amethyste

White gold ring, diamonds, amethyst, Poiray 


Virtues and uses in lithotherapy

Amethyst is renowned for its soothing properties. It is said to promote serenity, reduce stress and improve sleep quality. It is also a stone of protection against negative energies and disease. Physically, it is said to help relieve tension and pain, and is particularly effective for headaches and migraines.

Spiritually, amethyst stimulates the third eye, enhancing intuition and the ability to understand complex or confusing situations. 

bague amethyste or rose Dior

Rose Dior Pré Catelan Ring, rose gold, amethyst, diamond, Dior 


Amethyst care and precautions

Despite its beauty and virtues, amethyst requires special care to preserve its color and clarity. Sensitive to sunlight and high temperatures, it can lose its brilliance if not properly cared for. We recommend cleaning with lukewarm water and mild soap, and drying with a soft cloth to avoid scratches. Avoid thermal shock, which could cause internal cracks.

broche oiseau diamant emeraude et amethyste

Brooch, yellow gold, diamonds, emeralds, amethyst, Harry Winston 


Value of this violet stone

The price of amethyst can vary considerably depending on its color, clarity and origin. Top-quality stones with a deep, even color are the most valued and can fetch high prices. Nevertheless, thanks to the relative abundance of this gemstone, it is possible to find amethysts at more affordable prices, making this stone accessible to a wide public. Amethyst jewelry, whether simple pendants or elaborate pieces, remains highly prized for its beauty and perceived benefits.


collier amethystes or jaune vert et rose

Amethyst necklace, yellow, green and rose gold, Mellerio


Symbolism and culture

Beyond its physical and therapeutic properties, amethyst is rich in symbolism. Associated with the months of February, it is often considered the birthstone of those born at the beginning of the year. It also symbolizes purity and purification, since it is used in many cultures to purify spirits and spaces. In Feng Shui, amethyst brings harmony, tranquility and protection against misfortune.

Whether in jewelry, lithotherapy or simply as a collector's item, amethyst offers an astonishing range of qualities that have made it a popular choice down the centuries.


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