The most expensive diamond ever sold at auction

Awarded 71.2 million euros, or more than one million per carat.

The most expensive diamond in the world ever sold! It is the Pink Star, a 59.60 carat pink diamond, "fancy vivid pink" with the highest purity "internally flawless". Pink is a rare color in diamonds, and pure pink diamonds are even more rare. In the classification of color intensity of pink diamonds, "fancy vivid pink" is the highest grade.

This diamond was discovered in Africa in 1999 and weighed 132.5 carats in the rough. It took Steinmetz Diamonds 2 years to cut it and present it in Monaco in 2003. It was there that it was sold for the first time at a private sale, under the name of Steinmetz Pink, but the amount of the transaction was not disclosed.

When this 59.60 carat diamond went on sale again at Sotheby's Hong Kong in 2017 it did not fail to mark a new record for this type of stone. Adjudged 71.2 million it exceeded the symbolic mark of one million per carat. The buyer, a Chinese jeweler named Chow Tai Fook renamed it CTF Pink Star for the occasion.

This record, previously held by the Graff Pink, another pink diamond of 24.78 carats sold for $ 46 million in 2010, he had almost beaten it already in 2013. At the time sold by Sotheby's Geneva it had been sold for $ 83 million to Isaac Wolf, a New York lapidary. Renamed "Pink Dream" by its new owner, the sale was finally cancelled due to a default in payment.


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