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by Julie MIALET 16 Jul 2019

The changing stone…

Chrysoberyl is an aluminum and beryllium oxyde. It was discovered in 1790 by a German geologist who named this new stone Krisoberil or “golden beryl”.
It's an allochromatic stone meaning that it can be found in every color, however green chrysoberyl is the most widespread.

Chrysoberyls, tourmalines, diamonds, yellow gold earings


Chrysoberyl is formed in pegmatites -magmatic rocks-. Current mines are in Algeria, Brazil and the United States.

Chrysoberyl, diamonds, white gold ring, Cartier


Alexandrite is a very rare variety of chrysoberyl which has the particularity of having a “change color” effect. In daylight, the stone is green-blue and in incandescent light it appears red-pink. It was discovered in 1842 by Nils Gustaf who dedicated his discovery to Tsar Alexander II, green and red being the color of the tsars.
The main mines were in Russia, but they are now exhausted. Brazil has several mines but the stones are of lesser quality and they do not all change color.
The rarity of this stone, especially those coming from Russia explains the fact that its price often exceeds diamond’s prices.
Today there are synthetic corundums with “Alexandrite effect”. But these syntheses have a very metallic appearance, which makes them easy to identify.

Chrysoberyl, spinelle, tourmaline, white gold ring


Cat's eye is a shimmering variety of chrysoberyl. In cold light, a white line moves along the width of the stone depending on the orientation of the light.
This effect is due to inclusions, channels inside the stone.
Cat's eye chrysoberyls always have a cabochon-cut, which highlights the movement of the line.

Cat's eye chrysoberyl, diamonds, yellow gold brooch 

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