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Bolivian Ametrine, among the most beautiful in the world

by Julie MIALET 05 Jul 2021

Ametrine from Bolivia, a stone combining violet and yellow…

This very special stone is a polychrome quartz divided into colour zones, half of which is amethyst and the other half citrine. The more intense and clearly separated the two colours are, the greater the value.

Amethyst and citrine are both members of the quartz family. Both types of stone are coloured by the same chromogenic element, iron. What explains the difference in colour is the oxidation state of the iron, which is not the same in amethyst and citrine due to the difference in temperature during the formation of the crystal. This explains why it is easier to find amethysts and citrines that are not in the same crystal. Hence the rarity of ametrine!



Ametrine is appreciated in jewellery even though it is not very present on the jewellery market. The role of lapidaries is to ensure that the colours are well proportioned in the stone when it is cut. There are also artists who do not hesitate to make sculptures out of it by playing on the contrast of the colours.


It is a rare stone because it comes mainly from the Anahí mine in eastern Bolivia. This mine has been known for hundreds of years and produces some of the most beautiful stones in the world. It became famous in the 17th century when it was given as a dowry to a Spanish conquistador who married the Ayoreos princess Anahi. This conquistador introduced Europe to ametrine by giving gifts to the Queen of Spain, however ametrine has only been available in quantity on the market since the 1980s.

This stone is found in other countries such as Brazil, India, Madagascar and Zambia, but it is not the same quality of stone. The most appreciated are of course those from the Anahi mine.

In lithotherapy, ametrine is said to calm the mind, promote optimism and ward off negative energies…

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