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Kutchinsky, the jeweler who wanted to challenge Fabergé

by Julie MIALET 25 Apr 2023

Kutchinsky is a house of jewelers who have marked England in the mid-twentieth century.

Originally from Poland, the Kutchinsky’s family arrived in London in 1893. They had already gained experience in the service of the court of Louis of Bavaria. They opened their first jewelry workshop in the East End that same year.

In 1930, the Kutchinsky company evolved with the arrival of the third generation. This generation quickly understood the importance of quality work and first-class service. This breath of fresh air saw the family business move to Brompton Road, in the elegant Knightsbridge neighborhood.

The style of the house had a real revival in the 1940s and 1950s. The jewelry became deliberately ostentatious to celebrate the end of the war and its restrictions. Luxury was booming and Kutchinsky participated by creating brooches, bracelets, earrings and rings set with more and more diamonds, colored stones, corals or turquoise of various sizes. Like Boucheron in France, Kutchinsky made a name for itself by creating jewelry in animal’s jewelry.

The success continued in the 60s and 70s with a very textured style of jewelry in the taste of Sterlé, Grima, Fred or Chaumet. During this period, the house asserts its appetence for the mixtures of hard and precious stones. Thus it makes much use of lapis lazuli alongside diamonds, coral alongside sapphires, agate or malachite alongside ruby or emerald as well as turquoise. It is also during this period that Kutchinsky collaborates with some watchmakers
like Chopard for the creation of watches.

Mostly known in the United Kingdom, the house will have a wide variety of foreign customers especially from the Middle East. In 1990 the last heir Paul Kutchinsky will have for hobby the realization of an egg of jewelry in the idea of those of Fabergé of which he is an admirer and this egg will have to be the largest of the world. The finished egg would be named "Argyle Library Egg" and would be phenomenal with more than 15 kilograms of gold and more than 24,000 pink diamonds handpicked in collaboration with the Australian Argyle mine, the only one to produce these colored diamonds. It could be opened by a mechanism on a whole side to reveal a miniature library full of enamel portraits and to reveal more and more diamonds.

This egg will be the pride and joy of the Kutchinsky house. After a world tour to present it, it will develop defects in its mechanism making it impossible to open. Unable to repair it and having no customer to buy it, the house will go bankrupt. After almost a century, the company was bought in 1991 by the Moussaieff company, itself English. The egg disappeared into the collections of the Argyle mine for almost twenty years before being bought by a Japanese entrepreneur for his mansion in Tokyo.


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