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Do you know Dioptase?

by Julie MIALET 15 Oct 2021

Long confused with Emerald, learn more about this magnificent unknown gem

In the 18th century, the German mineralogist Moritz Rudolph Ferber became interested in and studied this mineral, which he considered (erroneously) to be emerald. It was in 1797 that the French mineralogist René Just Haüy demonstrated that it was a separate mineral. Haüy names this gem Dioptase: from the Greek dia ("through") and optazo ("I see"). This refers to the fact that we can see through the gem, the cleavage planes, a characteristic inclusion of this mineral.

Dioptase brute

Dioptase Brute


The name of the dioptase stone is originally feminine. It was then called copper dioptase, then finds the name dioptase in the masculine or in the feminine. Nowadays, both genders remain, but the French Society of Mineralogy and Crystallography gender gender. Formerly called "copper emerald", it was considered a stone of abundance and wealth.


Dioptase deposits


The best deposits that provide quality stone are located in Congo and the Democratic Republic of Congo where crystals of exceptional quality and dimensions of up to eight by two centimeters cover geodes in the chrysocolla.

Namibia provides superb specimens up to five centimeters in length on white calcite at Tsumeb, or on quartz at Kaokoland.

The largest known specimens exceed fifteen centimeters in length and come from Angola. We can also observe very beautiful stones in Kazakhstan and in several mines in the Arizona region such as the Mammoth-Saint Anthony Mine site, where it is sometimes associated with wulfenite.

Dioptase brute


Dioptase in jewelry


It has been used very little in jewelry because of its low hardness, in its raw form, making each piece unique. Among the big names in jewelry that have used it, we can cite Roland Schad, Andrew Grima, Jean Vendôme and Gilbert Albert.

Dioptase Ring Diamonds Yellow Gold Andrew Grima

Jean Vendome Yellow Gold Dioptase Ring


All these jewelry artists belonged to the current of the 70s and used the raw dioptase which they mounted on yellow gold in order to sublimate the saturated green color and the crystalline structure of the gem.


Collier Andrew Grima Dioptase Diamants Or jaune 


In the field of lithotherapy, dioptase has many virtues on the mental level. It allows people suffering from disorders resulting from past trauma or physical or mental abuse suffered in their lives to accompany them. She grooms the inner child. It helps to see one's own inner beauty and it helps to develop self-love.


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Broche Dioptase Diamants Or Jaune Andrew Grima

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