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by Julie MIALET 25 Oct 2020

Chopard : Jewelry, Watches, Grands Prix and Cinema


Chopard is a Swiss watch and jewelry company.
It was founded in 1860 by Louis Ulysse Chopard. His father, also a watchmaker, owned a small workshop. However, Louis Ulysse did not wish to take over the family business. He opened his own factory in Sonvillier, Switzerland and specialized in pocket watches and especially in high-precision chronometer making.

In 1937 the factory moved to Geneva and in 1963 the company was sold to the German jewelry group Eszeha. It was during this period that the manufacture began to produce pieces of jewelry.
The first collection of Happy Diamonds ladies’ watches was launched in 1974. Over the years, jewels were added to this collection.

The brand’s best-known models : Happy Diamonds pieces are very recognizable thanks to their mobile diamonds, held between two plates of colorless sapphires.
In 1993, the house launched its first watches with leather straps with the Happy Sport collection.


Renowned for its precision chronometers, the brand has partnered with several motor races, notably with the Italian Mille Miglia race since 1988.

In 2002, Chapord became the official chronometer of the Monaco Grand Prix.


In 1997, Caroline Scheufele, artistic director of the house met Pierre Viot, the director of the Cannes Festival. He then suggested that she redraw the trophy.
In 1998, the new Palme D’or was unveiled. Since then, the house continues to produce the Palme D’Or every year.

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