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Apatite, the beautiful stone with a tender heart

by Julie MIALET 06 Feb 2023

Unlike most other gemstones, apatite has not crossed peoples and civilizations. The stone is not mentioned in any historical legend, or in any story or any artistic archives.

History and significance of blue apatite :

It was not until 1767 that we heard about apatite for the first time, by the Spanish naturalist Pedro Francisco Davila. He described the mineral as a "phosphoric stone".

The word "apatite" comes from the Greek word "apatao" (to fool). It is Abraham Gottlob Werner, a German geologist and researcher, who named it so, probably because the stone has deceptive appearance and has often been confused with others stones because of its declensions of colors.

There are indeed green, blue, pink, yellow and purple apatite, which look like beryls, peridots or topaz.

The name of the mineral is thus inspired by Greek mythology: Apate (deity of deceit, trickery and fraud) which was one of the evils escaping from the Pandora's box. Let's remember that this famous "box", in reality an amphora, contained all the humanity’s mankind evils : old age, disease, war, madness, vice, deceit, passion, famine and hope.

Composition, properties and origin of apatite crystals :

Apatite is a rather common mineral. It belongs to the phosphate’s family and has a complex crystal structure. The crystals are either opaque or translucent.

It comes in several colors, depending on its chemical elements’s content. Green, pink or yellow apatite can be extracted, but the most appreciated remains blue apatite.

It is the only mineral that can be found in a crystalline state inside the human body, mainly  part of the theeth’s enamel. Research has also shown that traces of apatite would also be present in dinosaur teeth.

NASA astronauts have even discovered traces of this blue crystal in lunar rocks during the Apollo space program.

The most known deposits are in Mexico, Germany, Italy, France and in Switzerland.

Particularity and Jewelry:

Apatite has a hardness of 5/10 on the Mohs scale which makes it a relatively soft stone.

It is therefore not easy to work with because it can be damaged quickly. This is why we recommend setting it on earrings or necklaces rather than on rings, as it may scratch or break.

If your dream jewel has an apatite: you must be careful! 

However, we have seen apatite flourish on several jewelry projects. This gem with its incredible "smurf" blue color, which can make us think of the Brazilian Paraïba, has something to seduce us: let's give it a chance.

While the gem is often offered in cabochon form, its faceted form is less exploited. In Lyon, the jewelers of "The Black Alchemy" offer a necklace with a claw setting encircling a rough apatite, and it is also possible to find a variety of jewels on the Juwelo website: perhaps this is the beginning of a love affair between jewelry and this very tender stone.

Necklace Claw The Black Alchemy

Apatite ring Juwelo

The powers and virtues of blue apatite in lithotherapy

It is said that apatite has spiritual and emotional benefits: one of its main characteristics would be to encourage personal expression.

Stone of communication, it would decrease the problems of language, while helping to verbalize the thread of its thoughts. 

The blue apatite would have virtues of well-being, relaxing and soothing. It would calm and channel the individuals letting themselves easily exceed by their emotions or by the stress, as well as negative spirits.



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