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How about some jewelry to celebrate your wedding anniversary ?

by Julie MIALET 11 Dec 2023

Are you Short of ideas?

Have you thought of offering a piece of jewelry or a precious object for your wedding anniversary?

Of course, not all years lend themselves so easily to the exercise, but with a little imagination you are sure to come up with a brilliant idea.

Some years are obvious: 11 year anniversary is coral, 15 year anniversary is crystal, 16 year anniversary is sapphire and 18 year anniversary is turquoise, but others are a real headache.

At Pierres de Julie, we've decided to help you in your quest by suggesting either a bespoke piece of jewelry or a signed one, or even a vintage or antique piece.


The first 10 years (surely the most celebrated):

1 year of marriage: the cotton wedding anniversary. For this first year, why not imagine a white gold brooch in the shape of a cotton flower, paved or not with small diamonds?

2 years of marriage: the leather wedding. A Kelly bracelet from Hermès or a Première watch from Chanel?

3 years of marriage: the wheat wedding. That's when things get a bit tricky and require a bit of imagination. Our suggestion: take inspiration from the Chaumet jewlery collection and the wheat sheaf motif.

4 years of marriage: the wax wedding anniversary. We'll leave you to ponder ... and why not submit an idea to us?

5 years of marriage: the wooden wedding anniversary. Let's take a look at the creations of Dior Joaillerie and its « Bois de Rose » collection.

6 years of marriage: the Cyprus wedding anniversary. Just so you know, it's a perfume.

7 years of marriage: the wedding of wool anniversary.

8 years of marriage: the poppy wedding anniversary. Once again, we'll leave you to imagine.

9 years of marriage: the earthenware wedding anniversary

10 years of marriage: the pewter wedding anniversary


From 11 to 20 years of marriage (Bravo!) :

11 years of marriage: the coral wedding anniversary. An ideal theme, coral lends itself to all sorts of jewelry creations, coral rings, coral earrings, coral necklaces, etc…

12 years of marriage: the silk wedding anniversary

13 years of marriage: the lily of the valley wedding anniversary

14 years of marriage: the lead wedding anniversary

15 years of marriage: the crystal wedding anniversary

16 years of marriage: the sapphire wedding anniversary.
Sapphires can be easily adapted to all types of jewellery and come in a wide range of colors: yellow sapphire, pink sapphire, blue sapphire, mauve sapphire, in earrings, rings, necklaces or bracelets, in yellow or white gold, the choice is endless.

17 years of marriage: the rose wedding anniversary

18 years of marriage: the turquoise wedding anniversary.
Turquoise, an azure-blue stone often cut into cabochons, has been used in jewelry since antiquity and can be adapted to a multitude of jewels: turquoise necklace, turquoise ring, turquoise brooch ...

19 years of marriage: the cretonne wedding anniversary

20 years of marriage: the porcelain wedding anniversary


From 21 to 30 years of marriage:

21 years of marriage: the opal wedding anniversary. From the Latin Opalus meaning precious stone, opal is a gem with a play of color called iridescence. It is a fragile stone, but can be worn as earrings, a bracelet, a necklace or a ring.

22 years of marriage: the bronze wedding anniversary

23 years of marriage: the beryl wedding anniversary.
This family of gems comes in different colors: pink morganite, green beryl and yellow heliodore are the most obvious choices. And while you might be tempted by Emerald, which is also part of this family, we advise you to reserve it for your 40th wedding anniversary.

24 years of marriage: the satin wedding anniversary

25 years of marriage: the silver wedding anniversary

26 years of marriage: the jade wedding anniversary.
Highly prized in Asia, jade jadeite is a green ornamental stone, the most expensive of which is the imperial green.

27 years of marriage: the mahogany wedding anniversary

28 years of marriage: the nickel wedding anniversary

29 years of marriage: the velvet wedding anniversary

30 years of marriage: the pearl wedding anniversary.
Symbolising elegance and refinement, as well as sensuality, the pearl is associated with Aphrodite (Venus). What better way to celebrate 30 years of marriage!


From 31 to 40 years of marriage (soon a medal!) :

31 years of marriage: the basane wedding anniversary

32 years of marriage: the copper wedding anniversary

33 years of marriage: the porphyry wedding anniversary

34 years of marriage: the amber wedding anniversary

35 years of marriage: the ruby wedding.
The ruby and its red color, a symbol of passion. A very hard gem, rubies can be worn as earrings, rings, necklaces or bracelets, in yellow or white gold - the choice is endless.

36 years of marriage: the muslin wedding anniversary

37 years of marriage: the paper wedding anniversary

38 years of marriage: the mercury wedding anniversary

39 years of marriage: the crepe wedding anniversary

40 years of marriage: the emerald wedding.
The emerald and its green color, a symbol of wisdom and love, is given pride of place to mark 40 years of happiness. Colombian emerald, Brazilian emerald or African emerald, its different shades of green will win you over.


From 41 to 50 years of marriage (It's starting to get serious):

41 years of marriage: the iron wedding anniversary

42 years of marriage: the mother-of-pearl wedding anniversary

43 years of marriage: the flannel wedding anniversary

44 years of marriage: topaz wedding anniversary. Topaz is very hard and lends itself well to jewelry.

45 years of marriage: the vermeil wedding anniversary..  Here the silver is coated with a thin layer of gold for a golden finish that will keep you waiting until your 50th wedding anniversary and your golden wedding anniversary.

46 years of marriage: the lavender wedding anniversary

47 years of marriage: the cashmere wedding anniversary

48 years of marriage: the amethyst wedding anniversary. Stone of drunkenness

or episcopal one, the choice is yours.

49 years of marriage: The cedar wedding anniversary

50 years of marriage: the golden wedding anniversary.
For these symbolic anniversary, give your imagination free rein and opt for the originality of textured, amati, brushed or pearled gold, whether for a necklace, ring, bracelet or earrings.


From 51 to 60 years of marriage:

51 years of marriage: the Camellia wedding anniversary. The camellia is one of Chanel's favorite motifs and has been used in earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets, but you can also create your own bespoke camellia jewelry.

52 years of marriage: the tourmaline wedding anniversary. With all the colors of the rainbow, tourmaline will allow you to create a bespoke, unique piece of jewellery, and why not a tutti frutti?

53 years of marriage: the Cherrywood Wedding anniversary. 

And to store all her treasures, a cherry wood jewelry box.

54 years of marriage: Zibeline's wedding anniversary

55 years of marriage: the Orchidée wedding anniversary

56 years of marriage: Lapis Lazuli wedding anniversary. 

This ornamental ultramarine blue colour and golden inclusions stone is used in jewelry as well as stone marquetry.

57 years of marriage: the Azalea wedding anniversary

58 years of marriage: the Maple wedding anniversary

59 years of marriage: the Vison wedding anniversary

60 years of marriage: the Diamond wedding anniversary. The ultimate accolade, the hardest and most brilliant gem crowns 60 years of love and togetherness. A vast choice of diamond jewelry is available ...


From 61 to 70 :

61 years of marriage: the Platane wedding. Like our customer, opt for a brooch in the shape of a plane leaf.

62 years of marriage: the Ivory Wedding. When wedding anniversaries were codified, ivory was more accessible. Now that the ivory trade is controlled, you'll have to turn to antique jewelry or accessories).

63 years of marriage: Lilac's wedding anniversary

64 years of marriage: the Astrakan wedding anniversary

65 years of marriage: the Rosewood wedding anniversary

66 years of marriage: the Jasmine wedding anniversary

67 years of marriage: the Chinchilla wedding anniversary

68 years of marriage : the Granite wedding anniversary

69 years of marriage : the Larch wedding anniversary

70 years of marriage: the platinum wedding anniversary. 

Although it is still used in jewellery today, platinum's real heyday was during the Art-Deco period. Will you be tempted by an art-deco necklace? An art deco ring? Or art-deco earrings?


From 71 to 80 years of marriage:

71 years of marriage: the Ochre wedding anniversary

72 years of marriage: the Titanium wedding anniversary

73 years of marriage: the Cast Iron wedding anniversary

74 years of marriage : the Sienne wedding anniversary

75 years of marriage: the Alabaster wedding anniversary

76 years of marriage: the Zinc wedding anniversary

77 years of marriage: the Silica wedding anniversary

78 years of marriage: the Ebony wedding anniversary

79 years of marriage: Bamboo

80 years of marriage: the Oak Wedding. In France, 6 couples would have reached these noces. A very select group for the time being.


We've decided to spare you the rest, but you should know that 81 years of marriage crowned the cornelian wedding anniversary, 82 years the garnet wedding anniversary and 83 years the vanilla wedding anniversary. This is the record for France, where only one couple has ever celebrated. We dare you will be able to go further!


To sum up a little, we recommend choosing a brooch or pendant for everything to do with flowers, trees and woods: poppies, lilies of the valley, lavender, maple, plane trees, lilacs, jasmine and oak. 

When it comes to metals, the choice is fairly open-ended, but go for sobriety and simplicity. For textiles - wool, silk, hemp, flannel, muslin, velvet, satin, cretonne - go for ready-to-wear. And for all your decorative stones and gems, don't hesitate to follow our advice.


If you're looking for help in creating a special gift for a wedding anniversary, don't hesitate to contact us or discover what Les Pierres de Julie has to offer in shop...

All our creations are made in a Parisian workshop and meet the standards of Joaillerie « made in France », and we make every effort to source quality stones for them.

We are also available for any free appraisal of your jewelry, for this you can send an email with your photos to

Whether you're interested in buying a piece of jewellery or a stone, a free jewelry appraisal or jewelry resale, Pierres de Julie welcomes you to its Parisian boutique in the Village Suisse, a stone's throw from the Ecole Militaire and the Esplanade des Invalides.

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