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Pomellato: The New Italian Luxury

by Julie MIALET 11 Mar 2022

Pomellato is a Milanese jewelry house, created in 1967 by Rino Rabolini.

Pomellato's DNA:

Today Pomellato is recognized for being at the origin of ready-to-wear jewelry. Thus precious stones are no longer worn on special occasions or in the evening… but by women every day!

Over time, Pomellato has succeeded in imposing its strong and colorful identity. Its creations are characterized by a very varied assortment of stones and colors with an unparalleled technicality of cuts and settings. Large cabochons have particularly imposing claws paved with diamonds such as the Ritratto collection.

Stones commonly used by the house are: topaz, amethyst, peridot, smoky quartz, citrine, prasiolite, brown diamonds, rhodonite, lapis lazuli, amazonite, rose quartz, malachite, tiger's eye, rhodochrosite, jasper, agate, zoisite, turquoise, chalcedony, tourmaline, garnet...

Pomellato rings from the Portrait collection

All jewelry is handmade in Milan at Casa Pomellato by talented craftsmen and goldsmiths.

In 55 years of existence, Pomellato has created its own essentials such as the articulated “teddy bear” pendant, launched in 1988 or the famous Nudo ring released in 2001. With this ring, the idea of accumulation emerges and will have a dazzling success.

Pomellato Articulated bear pendant

Pomellato Nudo Collection

Pomellato is not only recognized for its stones but the Italian house is also known for its materials. Indeed, the goldsmith use a pink gold specific to the brand which has its own mixture to form a unique alloy.

Thanks to its creations, the Italian house is quickly exported internationally and even becomes the 5th European jeweler.

Since 2013, Pomellato has joined the Kering group alongside Boucheron, Gucci and Saint Laurent.

The commitment of the house:

Rino Rabolini was born in a family of goldsmiths, which explains his commitment to safeguarding craftsmanship. Indeed, through the Pomellato Virtuosi project, the house is working with the Milanese Goldsmith Institute to continue to transmit the exceptional craftmanship of artisan jewelers.

Pomellato is also part of eco-responsible luxury.

Today the house creates all its creations using 100% responsible gold and sources more Fairmined gold. This label "certifies gold from artisanal and small-scale mining organizations that develop ethical practices".

Pomellato also wants to invest in the traceability of its stones and by continuing to discover new ecological materials.


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