The Morganite

Morganite is the pretty, peachy-pink variety of beryl, cousin to more familiar beryls like emerald and aquamarine.

In the beryl family you probably know the green emerald, the blue aquamarine or the yellow heliodore but do you know morganite?

Pink in color, it is named after a banker and great collector of gemstones: John Pierpont Morgan. This honor was given to him in recognition of his support to science and his donations to the mineralogical collections of the Museum of Natural History in Paris and New York.

Beryls are beryllium aluminosilicates which in their pure state are colorless, in the case of morganite it is the manganese that gives it its peach color. Unlike its big sister the emerald, morganite will tend to be less included and will therefore be more resistant.

Morganite is found in the United States, Brazil, China, Madagascar, Afghanistan and Mozambique. One of the largest morganite ever extracted was in Maine, USA. This extraordinary stone named "The Rose of Maine" weighs almost 115,000 carats or 25 kilograms!

A relatively unknown stone in the last century, it became famous in the 2000s when some great jewelers started to use it, such as Tiffany, Boucheron, Stern, Chaumet or Dior. Since then morganite is one of the most appreciated stones after diamond and sapphire.

Like almost any gemstone, morganite is valued first and primarily on the intensity and saturation of its color, followed by size and clarity. It’s also important to understand that morganite is pastel or pale in color by nature, so strong, intense hues are rare for this stone.

Called the "stone of divine love," it is said to bring healing, compassion, assurance and promise.

With its "gentle energy," many believe morganite cleanses the mind of stress and anxiety, hidden traumas.


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