Gilbert Albert

The jeweler of natural and unusual materials !

Gilbert Albert is a Swiss jeweler born in 1930. He passed away in October 2019.

He studied at the School of Industrial Arts in Geneva. He was a watch designer and worked for Patek Philippe and Louis Cartier for whom he created the Cobra watch, characterized by its linear display.

Gilbert Albert is a jeweller who wanted to model nature without artifice, without distorting it. He uses nature in his creations and highlights its beauty. Something that's absolutely magnificent is the idea of eternally preserving small insects and their fleeting life through jewels. Gilbert Albert’s technique for preserving the exoskeletons is still unknown, but it is highly likely that he used the lost-wax treatment which allows for extremely meticulous work.

Passionate about natural materials, he turned to jewelery and opened his first boutique in 1962.

He is known for using unusual materials such as sea urchin skeletons, shark teeth and peacock feathers. He is passionate about beetles, and will not hesitate to say so: “It is true that beetles were sacred to the Egyptians, the Chinese and the Mayans, but it was their enamels that attracted me and their life in nature. I dreamed of the gold-covered Colombian tree of the Plusiotis, green, yellow, grey or red golds, they became jewels without me modifying them, just like the Sagra buqueti or the Coptolabrus which have kept their natural beauty that will never be equalled. “His work is atypical and easily recognizable.

Inspired by the pharaohs, we often find the beetle pattern in the creations of Gilbert Albert.

His iconic jewel is the ring with interchangeable beads.

Gilbert Albert has received the Diamonds International Award ten times, the Oscar for world jewelry.
The various pieces created by Gilbert Albert are scarce in auction rooms and can reach large sums.

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Les Pierres de Julie


Les Pierres de Julie


Les Pierres de Julie


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