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Chaumet is a French house of jewelery and watchmaking.
Founded by Marie-Etienne Nitot in 1780, the first shop was at the beginning rue Saint Honoré and it is only in 1805 that the shop at 15 place Vendôme opens its doors.

Era Nitot

In 1802, Nitot became the appointed jeweler of Napoleon Ist and made the wedding jewels of Josephine and Napoleon. Nitot also draws the coronation crown of the emperor and the handle of his sword.

Era Morel and Fossin

Following Napoleon’s exile, the royalist Nitot family sold the company to the Fossin family, who teamed up with Jean-Valentin Morel. During this period, the Nitot house had a great success all over Europe, especially in England. Queen Victoria gave Morel the official supplier’s license.


The Nitot House becomes Chaumet

In 1885, Joseph Chaumet, Morel’s son-in-law, took over the business and changed its name into Chaumet. The workshops were set up on Place Vendôme and the brand was experiencing a very prosperous period.

In keeping with the Art Deco style, the creations of the house were on display at the 1925 Decorative Arts exhibition in Paris. It was during this period that the Chaumet company helped the young jeweler Pierre Sterlé.

In Paris, the Chaumet boutique remained closed during the Second World War.


Fall of the Chaumet family and take over by LVMH

In the years 1980 – 1990, the house knows a complicated period. The brothers Jacques and Pierre Chaumet are sentenced to six months in prison for bankruptcy, fraud, breach of trust and illegal exercise of the profession of banker.
The company is then bought by the LVMH group in 1999.


Chaumet and the Tiaras

The strong link with the empire marked the Chaumet style.
The tiaras have made the reputation of the house.

The house exhibited its finest pieces, such as a retrospective, in Beijing in 2017, Tokyo in 2018 and Monaco in August 2019.
Today we find many pieces reminiscent of the shape of a tiara, including the Josephine collection.

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