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The Paraiba Tourmaline

The incredible blue lagoon stone…

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Paraíba tourmaline is the usual name of a gem variety of elbaïte cupro-elbaïte used in jewelry. The Paraíba is the rarest and most sought after of all tourmalines for its very particular color, from neon blue to soft green. This color is due to a very high copper content (up to 3%). The Paraíba are thus cupriferous tourmalines.

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The first mine was discovered in 1989, in the Brazilian state of Paraíba. Today this first mine is closed but new ones have been found: in Nigeria in 2001 and in Mozambique in 2005. The stones coming out of these African mines are, since 2006, legally sold under the name of Paraíba.

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The color and especially the saturation of this one are the essential elements to estimate the value of a Paraíba. Very bright stones with high saturation are the most sought after. These special tourmalines are sensitive to light and their color can change. It is therefore very important to appraise a Paraíba under different lighting. Thanks to its rarity, its price can reach or exceed the price of traditional precious stones such as diamond, emerald or ruby. Prices can reach tens or even hundreds of thousands euros per carat.

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To improve their color, it is possible to heat rough Paraíba in an oven at 1300 degrees. This method also reduces the size and number of inclusions inside the stone.

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Paraiba is used by many great jewelers to enlight their exceptional pieces, such as : Dior, Chanel, Chaumet, David Morris, Chopard …
The tourmaline is the October’s birthstone and it is used to celebrate 52 years of marriage.

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