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The Amethyst

The Wonderful Purple…

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Amethyst is a quartz (silica) ranging from purple to dark purple. Its color is due to iron.
When heated to 400 ° C, its color changes and turns to yellow. This is why ametrine is found, a both violet and yellow stone.

Ametrine from Bolivia 


The word comes from the ancient Greek A-Methoustos which is the negation of “being drunk”. The Greeks thought that its color was close to that of red wine cut with water.
The Romans drank their wine in amethyst cups to avoid drunkenness.
Today, it is considered the religious stone par excellence, which is why it could be observed on the rings of Catholic bishops until the beginning of the 21st century.

Bishop’s ring, yellow gold, amethyst



The massive exploitation of amethyst did not begin until the twentieth century. Other times considered very rare it is today much more common.
Amethyst crystals are found in geodes, among basaltic rocks several meters deep.
The main deposits are in Latin America (Brazil, Uruguay, Mexico) and Madagascar.

Geode with amethysts



There are several jewels of large houses decorated with amethyst.


White gold, diamonds, amethyst Ring, Poiray 

Rose gold, amethyst Necklace, Dior

Yellow gold, emeralds, diamonds, amethyst Brooch, Harry Winston