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The Zircon Is A Natural Gemstone !

Stop confusing this beautiful natural stone with synthetic oxide of zirconium , which as its name suggests is a synthetic stone, an imitation to diamond.

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Zircon is a natural stone. It is a zirconium silicate which appears a a dark brown, green or red color after extraction and changes color when heated. Most blue stones are pastel blue, but some exceptional gems have a bright blue color. Zircon is also available in green, dark red, purple, yellow, brown and orange. Due to its high refractive index and high dispersion, zircon has a high gloss and high intensity. The zircon deposits are mainly alluvial. Zircon is found in Australia, Brazil, Cambodia, Korea, Madagascar, Mozambique, Myanmar, Niger, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Thailand and Vietnam.

The most popular zircon color is blue. The more intense the blue is, the higher the price will be. The brilliance of zircon is legendary, which made it possible to use it as a diamond substitute when it was colorless.

Zircon has a good hardness, 6.5 to 7.5 on the Mohs scale but it must be handled with care.

And do not forget, all the stones are fragile! even the diamond ….

To determine the quality of a stone, color is the most important criterion.

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